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Wendover Residence Program

August 22, 2013


This residency program is open to people of all disciplines, backgrounds, working methods, and levels of experience. Applications are welcome from collaborators or groups who wish to work together on projects. Selection is competitive.


Some have claimed that Wendover is centrally located in the middle of nowhere. If this is true, then nowhere is a complex and fascinating place indeed. The Center established the Wendover Residence Program in 1997, to bring selected people to Wendover to better understand this place, including the issues it raises and the activities it inspires, and what it might represent, on a local, national, global, and theoretical level. The program exists to encourage new and compelling ways of thinking about the built landscape, and to develop interpretations of it, literal and otherwise, in any medium. It is open to anyone with interesting, constructive ideas, and an ability to see them through.

Residents generally stay for a period of three to six weeks, during which time they will be expected to conduct work that examines, engages, or reflects the land uses of the surrounding area. The duration of the residence does not need to be continuous. Some applicants may wish to make a preliminary reconnaissance visit to further acquaint themselves with the environs, though an orientation packet that describes the area is provided to all residents before arrival.


The program operates seasonally, from April 1 to November 20. Though resident selections are made on an ongoing basis, with no deadlines, the sooner the application is sent, the more likely the requested time period will be available. A peer review committee meets approximately every four months to examine and comment on the applications.



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