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Ella Lyman Cabot Trust Grants

November 21, 2013


ELCT does not make grants:

  • To institutions, organizations, group endeavors
  • For scholarships, research, or vocational training
  • To artists, writers, or film makers soliciting support for artistic works, writing or publication of a book, or the production of a film, unless such ends are secondary to a project that meets purposes the trustees do support


The ELCT, a tax-exempt organization, supports persons with charitable, religious, artistic, educational, and scientific projects that promote the good of others. Within this general guideline, the trustees strive to carry out Dr. Cabot’s original intent by giving paramount consideration in their evaluation of an application for a grant to the applicant’s demonstration of how the proposed grant will be essential to the applicant’s own growth and development. Important as the proposed project’s value to others and the probability of success may be, it is the impact of a proposed project on the individual carrying it out that the trustees consider most important in deciding which applicants to support.

While there is no formal limit on the size of an individual grant, the trustees expect grants to be in the range of $15,000 per applicant, and do not anticipate granting any individual support in excess of $25,000. The ELCT does not grant renewals or follow-up grants.


The trustees  meet every six months and grants are usually voted in May and December. The approximate deadlines for completed applications are, respectively, February 28 and September 30. The preliminary letter describing your proposed project must be received well before those dates. If the trustees  are interested in your project, you will be asked to submit a formal application.  An application form will be sent to you with details about proposal requirements. If a proposal is received too late for consideration at a particular meeting, it may, if you request, be carried over to the next one.



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