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Drake Arts Center Residence, Nordic Art School

February 18, 2014


Artists working in all media are welcome to apply.


Residents receive free housing, studio space and a per diem of 10 euros.

The program aims at encouraging open and unbiased interaction between different fields of art through contact with the cultural institutions of the region. Contact between the artists and the local public is encouraged. To this end applications which offer concrete artistic or/and public production in connection with or after the residency are favored. Forms of production could be a work of art, a public performance or an open lecture.

The artist has access to a studio of ca. 10 m2, at the Nordic Art School. The studio is placed close to the students’ work spaces and classrooms. The Art school provides access to spaces for printmaking, a computer class, a woodshop and a darkroom and the school’s spaces in general if not taken up for teaching.

The residence is situated on Läntinen Kirkkokatu 20, in an old refurbished wooden house in the heart of the old town of Kokkola. The flat consists of a bedroom, a kitchenette and a bathroom with shower. The resident has access to a bike as well. The kitchenette is spacious enough to serve as working space depending on the nature of work. A studio for painting or sculpture is provided by the Nordic Art School.


Application deadline is twice a year, 30th of September and 31st of March.



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