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Ateljé Stundars International Artist in Residence program

March 25, 2014


Artists are chosen by a group of experts once a year on the basis of applications.


Ateljé Stundars provides artists with a studio and a guest apartment for two to six months. The residency is free; the artist pays only for her/his travel and living costs. A small grant for the artist’s material costs is included. The Ateljé Stundars residence is maintained by KulturÖsterbotten. The artists at Ateljé Stundars are requested to donate one work of art each to KulturÖsterbotten’s art collection. The art collection is exhibited throughout Ostrobothnia. The artists are also encouraged to arrange their own exhibitions during their stay.

Ateljé Stundars is situated in the village of Solf in Korsholm, Ostrobothnia on the west coast of Finland. The 60 m2 studio of Ateljé Stundars is situated in the attic of a traditional wooden building. The window faces north. The studio is equipped with an easel and an illuminated table. In connection to the studio there is a small photo laboratory. The artists are welcome to use the laboratory, provided they obtain the necessary chemicals themselves.


Application deadline: May 31st, for residency the following year.



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