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Arts and Conservation Stewardship Program

November 3, 2014


Eligible artists will be established in their field ad will have a strong demonstrated commitment evident through their artwork to environmental stewardship. because the artist will be interacting with the public in a variety of ways, it is crucial that he or she enjoy communicating with people during all stages of the artistic process.


By working with contemporary artists, the Park and Foundation hope to help extend the conversation between artists, land, and audience that has been a persistent and significant aspect of the Park. The program provides each artist in residence with the time and space needed to explore new thoughts and ideas in their own artistic manner.

The Artist-­In-­Residence Program at Marsh-­‐Billings-­‐Rockefeller National Historical Park offers professional visual artists, performing artists, and writers the opportunity to pursue their artistic disciplines and to share their work while being inspired by the area’s extraordinary landscape. The artist will have access to many of the Land Trust’s holdings as a resource for creating new site-inspired or site-specific work. The residency period is 2-months, and can be undertaken either for two consecutive months in the summer or as four 2-week periods—one during each season. Artists will receive a stipend of $10,000 (paid over the duration of the residency) and may be eligible for additional production support relevant to their project At the end of the residency period, a publication will be produced to document the residency.


January 1, 2015



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