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Museum of Contemporary Art’s Jimmy Jones Internship

November 3, 2014


To be eligible, a candidate must: Meet all the requirements of the Internship Program listed on the MCA website, Currently be enrolled in a college or university, Provide documentation from the college or university the candidate is attending showing that the candidate has been approved for or is receiving financial aid, Submit an essay of no less than 600 words explaining the candidate’s interest in an art museum career and why he or she should be considered for the Jimmy Jones Internship (This requirement is separate from the personal statement all internship applicants are asked to write).

The MCA will consider all applicants who have been accepted to the program during the winter/spring term regardless of department. Qualified applicants should meet the requirements of the Internship Program listed on the MCA website and will be asked to write an essay on a topic proposed by the selection committee.


The MCA does not offer paid internships. There are two available stipends, however, that candidates may apply to: the Jimmy Jones Internship Stipend, offered for the summer term; and the Greg Cameron Internship Stipend, offered during the winter/spring term

The Jimmy Jones Internship is designed to encourage the exploration of art museum careers by university students with diverse backgrounds who require supplementary income to participate in an unpaid internship. Students interested in a curatorial career will receive special consideration. A stipend of $2,500 is available each summer.

Each winter/spring, beginning in 2009, the Greg Cameron Intern will receive a stipend of $2,500.


All application materials must be received by January 15, 2015



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