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I-Park Residency

November 12, 2014


I-Park supports mixed-discipline residencies made up of individuals from among the following creative fields: Music Composition/Sound Sculpture, Visual Arts, including sculpture, environmental art, installation, photography, Moving Image, including video and film art, new media, documentary, animation, virtual reality, game/interactive art, Architecture, Creative Writing, Landscape/Garden/Ecological Design


The program is offered free of charge to accepted/invited artists, though there is a $30.00 application fee that helps defray the cost of the selection panels. The only major expense to the participant is for transportation to and from the area (a pickup at the beginning of the session and a drop-off at the end at a Connecticut airport or bus/train station is available). The format is self-directed, non-judgmental: you decide what you’re going to work on and when.

The standard residency session has a 4-week duration. The 6-7 artists who make up each session arrive together as a group, share the time and space together and, at the end, leave as a group. The residency season typically runs from May through November.


The application deadline for the General Residency Program is January 19, 2015 – application materials will be available online by November 24, 2014.



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