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Puffin Foundation Grants

August 2, 2016


Grants from the Puffin Foundation, Ltd. can only be awarded to permanent residents and citizens of the United States. U.S. citizens whose projects encompass work in other countries are still eligible to apply.


Fine Arts and Video/Film. These must be the primary category of the project. The Fine Arts category includes a broad range of creative endeavors such as painting, drawing, weaving, crafts, collage and sculpture. It does not include photography which is funded in alternate years. Proposals for radio based projects may be submitted under the video/film category. Projects in other disciplines will not be considered.

We’re interested in art that educates the public on topical issues. For example, projects that seek to enrich and inform the public on important subjects such as the environment, social justice, civil rights and other contemporary issues facing the country (and the planet), that some organizations might hesitate to fund. The Foundation also gives special consideration to communities and school districts that are under-served by the arts. This website will give you an idea about many of the projects we have funded.


Application packets are available starting September 1st. Requests for application packets must be received by December 6th. Completed applications may only be sent back after November 1st. Completed/returned applications must be postmarked by December 30th. Notification on grants approved and declined will be sent starting January 5th, and continue through June on a rolling basis.

Puffin Foundation Ltd.
Application Request
20 Puffin Way
Teaneck, NJ 07666-4111



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