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Ox-Bow AIR

November 9, 2016


During the summer, Ox-Bow offers two-week residencies to five artists who are art faculty members at any grade level, in an adjunct or full-time capacity.

The MFA Residency is a three-week program open to any current or recent MFA graduate in a visual arts program. Recent grads must have graduated from an MFA program on or after December 2016.

Fall residents are given the time, solitude, and focus often unavailable to so many working artists. Each fall between 25 and 30 artists participate in the residency creating a diverse community of engaged peers.


Ox-Bow’s AIR program offers artists and writers, at various stages in their career, the time, space, and community to encourage growth and experimentation in their practice. The Arts Faculty and MFA residences are held during the summer while our core classes and community programs are in session. The small group of residents is a part of Ox-Bow’s artist community of students, faculty, and Visiting Artists. The Fall Artist Residencies are held for five weeks between September and October. This larger group of artists enjoys a more intimate community.


Summer Arts Faculty Residency: February 1, 2017

Summer MFA Residency: February 1, 2017

Fall Artists’ and Writers’ Residency: May 1, 2017



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